The Next Generation in Strategic

Audience-Based Targeting

Over 85% of consumer purchases are driven by Emotional Attachment.

LEAP® is the only company that develops audiences based on their level of Emotional Attachment (EA®), using a patented algorithm that quantifies a consumer’s Emotional Attachment to brands and media properties.

Now you can build audiences specifically curated to any brand…

...from our selection of over 400 brands across 25 categories.

  • Advance Digital / TV Audience-Based Targeting

    Using LEAP’s platform, you can select Brand Enthusiasts, Conquests, and Expansion audiences for a brand.

  • Advance Digital / TV Audience-Based Targeting

    LEAP’s patented platform adds Emotional
    Attachment data to big data sets (DMP’s, DSP’s  etc.) – allowing you to plan and activate audiences predicted to engage with your brands.

  • Advance Digital / TV Audience-Based Targeting

    LEAP® audiences can be activated through over 30 Linear and Advanced-TV offerings as well as across online, social, and mobile platforms.

Brand Intelligence

LEAP® has extensive brand emotional intelligence data on over 400 consumer brands across 25 categories. Our brand intelligence database is easily accessible.

Content Marketing

Use LEAP® to develop insightful content marketing plans and build LEAP® audiences to activate Advanced Tune-In targeting campaigns.

What can LEAP® do for you?


For the first time, you can build strategic plans and activate media that leverages consumer’s Emotional Attachment to your brands. You can target your brand Enthusiasts to drive high-probability sales and create viral activity, as well as conquest against competitive audiences.

  • Clearly understand the strength of your brand
  • Easily integrate LEAP® audiences into your data clouds
  • Build sophisticated audience-based targeting and cross-platform plans
  • Activate LEAP® audiences in digital and advanced-TV buys
  • Improve strategic insight and marketing strategy development

You can now plan and activate sophisticated audience-based targeting campaigns that focus on creating advertising engagement based on brand Emotional Attachment.

  • Incorporate LEAP® audiences into your planning and buying tools
  • Integrate LEAP® audiences into DMP structures, easily scaled for digital media and advanced-TV delivery
  • Access LEAP® audiences via Nuestar, LiveRamp or direct data transfer to your preferred DMP/DSP

You can further differentiate your offerings by incorporating LEAP’s Emotional Attachment audience data into your targeting platforms offering marketers the ability to target Brand Enthusiasts or Brand Conquests Audiences for hundreds of brands across 25 categories.

  • Provide audiences to marketers for brand-oriented campaigns
  • Create new high-value inventory for your salesforce to sell
  • Further differentiate your offering with more strategic audience-based targeting opportunities
Integrate LEAP® Audiences into your strategic planning and media buying today.

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