LEAP® Media Investments utilizes Patent US 8,521,590 B1 (Aug 27, 2013)

LEAP® is a unique and highly actionable platform that quantifies consumer Emotional Attachment® to brands and media properties across the entire loyalty spectrum. The platform also aligns brand attachment with media attachment quantifying media value for specific advertisers.

The algorithm is based on a widely respected psychological theory - Attachment Theory and the Bonding Process – J. Bowlby. LMI has adapted this work and applied Emotional Attachment® to find high value consumer audiences, value content and prioritize media targeting investments.

In 1997, Denise Larson developed the Patented EA® predictive model for measuring consumers’ loyalties to brands and media. Patent US 8,521,590 B1 was applied for and patent-protected 2002-2012. Ms.Larson’s patent was officially granted in August 2013 and is owned by Ms. Larson’s company, Thinking Right, LLC. LEAP Media Investments licenses patent 8,521,590 B1 from Thinking Right, LLC